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Frequently asked questions

A few questions received from our customers.
  • Q. Is the artwork painted by hand or by a computer?

    Every piece of art that we create is completed 100% by hand. The only difference between traditional painters and our artists is the medium; one paints with a brush, and the other paints with a tablet pen.

    There is no magic button or automated program that magically creates these paintings. Our fulfillment of each painting order relies on the artist’s technical talent, his artistic sense, and his skills in handling the “brush” on his computer.

    Upon its completion your painting will be printed on high quality, 100% cotton canvas. In this way we are able to replicate, from the visual point of view, the classic oil painting.

  • Q. What kind of photos should I send?

    The quality of the painting depends greatly on the quality of the photograph that you send to be painted. First, please make sure that the image is very clear, has a strong focus, and is not blurred. Also, please make sure there are no massive shadows or dark regions on the subject’s face. Unless the subject was very well lit, we can’t accept photos taken in low-light environments.

    Second, please send images that have come from a minimum 5 megapixel camera or phone. Your image should be at least 900 pixels in size on its largest side. The general rule is: “the bigger the image, the better the painting.” If the camera with which you captured the image is at least 5 megapixels, everything will be fine.

    Finally, please make sure that your submissions are oriented in portrait style. The subject of the photo should not be positioned at such a great distance that we can’t catch the expression on his/her face. The ideal images are those taken in a “portrait style,” meaning from head to chest. We also gladly accept full body images if the person is photographed closer (please see the sample image of the bride on our website). In other words, the subject should not be on top of a mountain or far offshore.

  • Q. Once I submit a photograph, how long will it take for you to paint my image?

    We will paint your photo within 3-5 days from the date that you place the order. We work on a first come-first served basis, and completion times may vary based on how busy we are with any orders received before your submission.

  • Q. Will I have the opportunity to view the finished painting before it is printed and sent to me?

    Sure! Once the image is painted a preview version (in a smaller size) will be sent to your email inbox for your approval. Upon request, we can make minor changes to your painting. If large or dramatic changes need to be made, we will be happy to consult with you at this stage.

  • Q. Can you keep the image background (that part that is behind the portrait)?

    Please note that we don’t make prints of photos, but rather paintings from photos. This means that our painters will artistically interpret what’s behind the portrait. The artist will focus more on the main subject of the portrait, and the background will be painted in abstract style using a background color that will place the main subject in a flattering light or complementary color. If you took that photo in front of an important attraction (like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty) and want to keep it in the painting, please let us know within 24 hours from the time you place your order; we offer an extra paid option for the inclusion of detailed backgrounds for your painting.

  • Q. What are the print qualities and sizes?

    The printing will be done on 100% cotton canvas, and the edges will be white. The white edges will lend a sense of elegance to the print when it is hung on the wall. We utilize professional grade Hewlett-Packard printers which use specialized pigments. These give your painting a high-fidelity photographic quality. The canvas will be stretched on solid pinewood bars. The pinewood bars have a 1 inch depth, so the painting will stand out and look great on your wall.

    The longest side of the print, whether the width or the height, will be 24in. The size of the other side will depend on your originally submitted image. It could be 16in, 20in or 24in if you are sending an image formatted as a square. From our experience we note that the biggest size of a print that you can have, while still retaining the highest level of quality, is 24in x 24in. If you would like a smaller or larger print, please let us know within 24 hours of placing your order.

  • Q. Can I make the painting a surprise delivery to a loved one?

    Sure! When you place the order you will have the option to indicate what shipping address you would like the painting to be sent to.

  • Q. What is your return policy?

    The return policy is very simple. You can return the print (for any reason) within 10 days of receiving it. The customer will pay for return shipping. If you would like to return a print for a full refund, please contact us at

  • Q. Can I also receive the painted image, or just the printed version?

    Usually we only send the print. If you would also like to receive the painted image, please request this within 10 days of receiving the print. We accept the request to send the painted image only after our 10 days money-back-guarantee has expired, at which time no refund can be processed or order returned. This is so that any corrections that may need to be made to your painting will be based on the original artwork. Once the painted image is sent we can no longer accept any returning/ refunds.

  • Q. How do you pack the print, and how long does it take to be delivered?

    We pack every print in a solid cardboard box so that it will be protected during shipping and will be delivered in perfect condition. Once you approve the painted image for printing, the order will be delivered in 5 business days.

Customer testimonials:


Gift for wife

"I just received my wife portrait today and looks great. We are very happy, especially she …:). We will order one more painting for our daughter."

Mihai S.

"I just picked up the painting today from the courier. I liked how carefully it was backed in that cardboard box, and the print arrived very well and looks grat on our wall."

George R.


Gift for godparents

"I didn't know what kind of gift I should give to our godparents because they have everything, and this gift idea was very welcome. Thanks for the painting."

Mihaela L.

"Firstly I was a little concerned because I didn't know if my painting will arrive in time for wedding. The painting arrived very well packed and the painting is superb. "

Daniela C.


Anniversary gifts

"It was a so surprising gift for our anniversary. The painting came very well and I have already recommended your services to my friends."

Sergiu I.

"Thank you very much for the care and professionalism with which you treated my order. The process of printing and painting itself looks great. I will order more in the future."

Monica O.

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What are the steps for placing an order?


You submit the photo

Please send the image that you would like to have painted using the order form below. Please choose how many people are in the photo, and in what style you would like the photo to be painted.

Examples of the painting styles that we specialize in can be viewed at the top of this page. Follow the steps to input your shipping and billing information, and you are done!


We paint your picture

Once you place the order we will begin the painting process. Painting will take between 3-5 days, at which time you’ll receive a small version of your painted image by email.

You can review the finished product, and if everything is to your satisfaction, we will proceed with Step 3: the Printing Process.


Printing & Delivery

Once you approve the painting for printing, we will start to print it. The printing will be done on a high quality canvas made of 100% cotton. The canvas is stretched on 5mm solid pinewood bars.

The print will be done using professional Hewlett-Packard printers, and will be ready to hang. Upon completion the finished product will be delivered to your door within 5 business days.

How much does a portrait cost?

The price depends on how many persons are in the picture you would like to be painted.
One person: 225 USD
Two persons: 245 USD
Three persons: 265 USD
Four persons: 285 USD

The prices are for a 24in portrait on canvas, stretched and ready to hang. To place an order please use the form below.
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The longest side of the print, will be 24 inches.. From our experience we note that the biggest size of a print that you can have, while still retaining the highest level of quality, is 24in (the longest side).

The edges color:

The printing will be done on 100% cotton canvas, and the edges will be white. The white edges will lend a sense of elegance to the print when it is hung on the wall. See a Sample Here

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